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“I don’t try to please when I play. I try to cure.”


The whole story.

At 22 years old I found myself living out of a suitcase, in my parents basement. I was unemployed, unhappy to the point of depressed, and unable to figure out what to do with my life. Just months before I thought I had my whole life planned out. I was successfully living out my dream of playing professional baseball. I lived and played for minor league team in St. Paul, Minn. named the Saints (Sign #1 I was supposed to be in show biz). The Saints were a little team owned by one of the biggest personalities Hollywood had to offer, Bill F’in Murray!

This is what my life was going to be. It had been my dream since childhood. I was going to be a baseball player, traveling the country, seeing new and exciting places. Playing in parks in small towns and different countries. I loved everything about the life I had chosen. My anthem was “Ramblin’ Man” by the Allman Brothers. I had graduated college just a week prior to signing with the team and everything was falling into place.

College had never really interested me… It’s not that I was a poor student or even hated classes, I really enjoyed my time in college (all 3 of them), but I knew my life would be in baseball and everything else was an after thought. It’s funny looking back how naive I was.  What’s the saying “We make plans and God…” What’s he do? Oh, that’s right, “He laughs”. Hysterically in our faces while we panic and cry and try and figure out what the hell we’re going to do next with our lives. 

I was released after a brief period with the Saints and I signed with a team out of Evansville, Indiana called the Otters (Sign #2 I was supposed to be in show biz). The otters played in the oldest stadium in the U.S. still running or how most people know it, the baseball Stadium from the Tom Hank’s film “League of their Own”.  I spent what felt like an eternity in Evansville but in actual time turned out to be 2 weeks.  I was once again released and headed back to my parent’s home in Georgia.

My lease on the apartment I held in Atlanta, was up and passed while I was on the road and me in my blind vision thought, “I don’t need to keep paying for a place I’m never at. I’ll play ball year round and live wherever I’m playing, till I make it big.” My mother had re-done my room and the now “guest room’ was more of a storage room that provided little space for me to live in let alone sleep.

So I’m in the basement where we started. Alone… depressed, and in the darkest point of my life. I’d never failed at anything before. What was I supposed to do now? Well I think there’s also another saying, “One door closes, another one opens”. During my time in the basement I came to the realization my life had always been about baseball. That’s how I defined everything, based on this one aspect of my life. But that’s exactly what baseball was… Just ONE part of many equally amazing parts, and how could I define who I was on this one piece? I was interested in so many amazing and wonderful things in this world. And once I stopped staring at this one thing I realized I want to learn it all! I want to explore it all, I want to do it all! My passion shifted from baseball and it became LIFE and PEOPLE and LEARNING.

I packed up my bags, I marched up the stairs and I told my parents I was moving to L.A. and I’d figure it out when I got there. I took a leap and I’m incredibly grateful, because the past few years have been some of the most amazing in my life!

This page is I hope more than just “Here’s my info” This page is for all of you! Reach out, share, and interact. Life’s funny, sometimes you just have to change how you look at it to understand the joke. 

Thank you for visiting my page. Enjoy!

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